28 June 2013

Land Surveyor Jobs in Pakistan

Jobs and career opportunities for surveyors is predicted to grow 25 % from the year 2010 to 2020, compared to average for all professions. Owing to interest of Development activities of various governments in Pakistan, it is expected that land surveyor jobs in Pakistan will be increased. Ample career opportunities are also available in Middle Eastern countries i.e. Saudi Arabia and UAE.  Surveyor Jobs in Saudi are in abundance and Pakistani skilled surveyors are accepted to be employed. 
Illegal Pakistani nationals are facing trouble these days, yet for those who have legal documents should have no problem.

Majority of surveyors were self-employed last year. Most worked for non-public surveying or engineering companies in Pakistan. Quite a few worked for local and state authorities. In Punjab, there available great potential for jobs and career as the provincial government have started several projects to be constructed.
The requirement for conventional surveying companies is directly linked with development activity and prospects vary by geographical location, based on regional economic situations. Whenever property sales and construction decelerate, surveyors could encounter higher levels of competition for work opportunities. Even so, since surveyors can function on different styles of assignments, they've already steadier job compared to others when construction retards.

Work Description:
  • Calculate and study the specific land area making data and carry out all land surveying tasks.
  • Coordinate with Planners and project Supervisors.
  • Keep record and paperwork for the job and linked submittals.
  • Make external and internal reports as needed.
  • To create, monitor preparing of the data, graphs, documents, etc. and report the outcomes of land surveys.
  • To confirm the accuracy of survey details, such as measurements   carried out at different sites.
Although surveyors have usually depended on construction jobs for most of the opportunities, higher demand for geographical data really should suggest improved prospects for experts who are associated with developing and utilizing GIS technologies and digital map making.

Diploma and Certificate Courses in Land Surveying in Pakistan


STI is the only government institute supplied with cutting edge features for learning Surveying and Mapping. It is designed to look after the training requirements of SOP Technicians and Officers in surveying and mapping professions. Standard and refresher programs both in Technological and Management matters are carried out in this institute.

After the year 2008 classes for Private Individuals have also been started helping Private Individuals. The institute is associated with Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) Lahore since 1999 for:

•    Advance Diploma Course in Land Surveying
      Duration: 2 years
•    Certificate Course in Land Surveying
      Duration: one year

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