4 August 2012

Nursing Jobs in Pakistan

Nursing is a respectable profession.  For ailing and suffered people a nurse in white dress is like an angel. She consoles the patient with her soft chatting, smiles of lips, healing hands, and affectionate of eyes. She or he builds courage in him against the disease and liven confidence and faith. Nursing Jobs in Pakistan are suitable career option for those women who want to start a career in medical field.

Especially women have bright opportunities of career comparing other professions.  Nursing profession provides great job opportunities abroad. Middle East countries offer attractive nursing jobs opening for women.  Women can help their family to fulfil their financial needs by adopting this profession.   Government as well as private hospitals offer nursing jobs in Pakistan time by time.

Nature of work

Nurses normally have to work in hospitals.  The prime responsibility of a nurse is to look after the physical and mental health of her patient. E.R, Wards, I.C.U, C.C.U, N.I.C.U are work places for nurses.  

Nursing  Training Courses in Pakistan

Nursing education and training is conducted in Nursing Schools.  The first ever nursing school was established after 1854 in Great Britain’s Saint Thomas Hospital under the supervision of Florence Nightingale.  In Pakistan, the four year nursing education and training course is conducting in nursing schools.  There are more than 200 public and private nursing schools running in Pakistan where youths are trained for four years in deferent fields.  Every nursing school has a hostel and it is imperative for every student to reside in the hostel despite there home is in the vicinity of the school. Since female students take keen interest in this profession and internationally it is specifically considered as female profession therefore 90% of the institutions are for female in Pakistan.  There are only a few male nursing schools.  

Nursing Degree in Pakistan

B.Sc Nursing

  • Duration:           4 years
  • Eligibility:           Intermediate or equivalent in pre-medical group
  • Age:                 17 to 30 years (Relaxable till 40 years in special cases)


Students are trained practically and theoretically for four years.  Initially three months syllabus has to be completed in which anatomy, physiology, history of nursing, manners, nursing arts and English language is taught.  On successful completion of this period, students are promoted to 1st year regular course and taught following courses:

  • Anatomy
  • Nursing
  • Hygienic study
  • Physics
  • Islamiat

Following subjects are taught during 2nd and 3rd years:

  • Medical Nursing
  • Surgical Nursing
  • Nursing Arts
  • Gynecology
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Human Relations

After completing three years course successfully, students are awarded Diploma/Certificate in Nursing.  This diploma enables a nurse to get admission in one year Midwifery course.  

Diploma General Nursing (Diploma RN) in Pakistan

  • Duration:            3 years
  • Eligibility:            Intermediate or equivalent in pre-medical group
  •                          or Matriculation with 55% marks
  • Age:                  15 to 30 years (Relaxable till 40 years in special cases)

Diploma in Midwifery in Pakistan

  • Duration      :          18 months for Pupil midwifery
  •                              1 year for post RN midwifery
  • Eligibility      :          Matriculation with 45% marks
  •                              RN diploma from any PNC recognized institute
  • Age            :          15 to 30 years (Relaxable till 40 years in special cases)

Working environments

Nurses have to work with doctors, physical specialist, and paramedical staff in hospitals to look after the patients.  Their responsibilities include measuring blood pressure, heart beat, dressing and bandaging the wounds, massaging the patient’s mussels, monitor the process of blood supply, remove pus from infected wounds, fixing drip, changing the bed sheet and patients dress etc,. Nurse gets ready the patient for surgery. Nurses who work in the operation theatre, look after the arrangements of the operation so that surgeon face no difficulty during operation.  

Those nurses who work in the I.C.U (intensive care unit) have to familiar with the complicated equipments and machines used for monitoring different state of the patients. There are different wards for different nature of disease.  Nurses have to work any where in these wards.

Jobs Opportunities for Nurses in Pakistan

Since there is an acute shortage of trained nurses in the country therefore diploma holder and registered nurse get the job very easily. More than 1000 nurses every year in Pakistan get diploma training from public and private nursing schools. These qualified and skilled nurses accept job offer from abroad especially from meddle eastern countries where there is a great demand for trained female nurses.  These countries offer lucrative jobs in this field. Hospitals locally offer attractive salary and other fringe benefits e.g. Medical, Gratuity, Annual Leave etc. to the right candidate.  Persons who are willing to work on rotational duties may apply for jobs. In this scenario one can say that job opportunities are numerous locally and through some job search overseas openings can also be sought.

Work opportunities privately

Trained nurses look after the patients not only in hospitals but also in homes privately.  This like private practice of nurses. Those Nurses who work privately have to work 12 hours at a stretch. Fees are determined through mutual consent which is usually ranging from 5000 to 8000.  However determining the fee is also depend on the physical and mental condition of the patient and the intensity of illness.

Registration of nurses in Pakistan

Every nurse must get herself registered within one year after completing four year course from the nursing school and passing the nursing board examination. Only the registered nurses are offered jobs whether locally or aboard.  The registration is remain valid for five years and can be renewed accordingly.  

Related professions of Nursing

Following are the professions where a nurse can also start her career.  These professions have great demand locally as well as abroad:

Lady Health Visitor

Further details

For further details, direct communication can be made from the following:
Pakistan Nursing Council
National Institute of Health, Islamabad

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