5 August 2012

NBP Student Loan

National Bank Students Loan Scheme (SLS) for helping the Educational expenses was initiated by the Government of Pakistan in association with key commercial banks of Pakistan namely National Bank, Habib Bank, United Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank and Allied Bank of Pakistan. Interest free financial assistance is provided to the needy students on the basis of merit. 

Those meritorious pupils who due to their financial constraint could not afford their educational expenses studies in Scientific, Technical and Professional education within Pakistan are helped through this scheme.  


  • Those students who have got admission on merit in the approved universities or colleges
  • Not more than 21 years old in case of graduation course
  • Not more 31 years old in case of Post Graduation Course
  • Not more than 36 years old in case of PhD course
  • At least 70% marks in last examination
  • Unable to pursue studies due to financial constraints
  • He/She has undertaken the study of the subjects given below

The government will provide assistance for the entire duration of the course.  The period of repayment of loan is ten years.  The student will pay the loan in monthly installment after six month of the first employment.  Or one year from the date of completion of the course whichever is applicable.  

Approved Universities/Colleges of Public Sector

Almost all the public sector universities and engineering, medical colleges and business schools are listed for students loan scheme.  

Subjects for which Loan are available:

  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Hardware and software
  • Islamic Dawa and Jurisprudence
  • Management Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Medical education
  • Medicine
  • Natural sciences
  • Oil Gas
  • Petro-Chemical Technology
  • Physics
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Further Information:
Application Forms can be had from the designated branches of NBP, MCB, ABL, HBL, and UBL or may be downloaded from National Bank of Pakistan website

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