4 August 2012

Merchant Navy jobs in Pakistan

Merchant Navy profession in Pakistan is an enticing and passionate career for the youngsters.  Pakistan is actually a developing state and the overall economy keeps growing briskly.  Together with this rate of increase in the economic system, it can be predicated that sooner Merchant Navy jobs in Pakistan will attract the youth a lots.  Therefore the development of a strong domestic shipping business relies upon the supply of properly trained and competent manpower.  According to a study, currently in Pakistan there are more than twenty thousands officials of Merchant Navy in Pakistan. Fifteen to twenty per cent of this proportion has been doing their jobs on Pakistani flag vessels while Forty to Forty five per cent are engaged with international shipping companies. Remaining 40 % official are unemployed.  For the moment, this tendency signifies that the circumstance of employment in this industry is actually negative. However it does not suggest that this may continue for long. Middle Eastern states such as Iran, Kuwait, U.A.E and Saudi Arabia provide great opportunities to Pakistani Merchant Navy Officials.  Career options in European countries may also be attracted for Pakistani individuals.

Merchant  Navy jobs in Pakistan:

In this profession officers are to work different kind of duties.  There are two branches for officers to work namely Deck Branch and Engineering Branch.  Deck Branch officers are responsible to sail the ship safe and sound monitor the loading and unloading of cargo and take care of ship.  Obtaining information about the shipping traffic, dangers of this field and gaining information about weather are includes in the duties of the deck officers. 

Engineer Branch officers are responsible to run the machines and equipments of the ship.  They take care of the engines.  All the engineers and other relevant staff work under the guidance of the Chief Engineer who is the chief of the engineering branch.  Engineers’ duties include taking care of Diesel Engine, Steam Engine, Electric Generator, Electrical Installation, air conditioning plant, Pumps, Plumbing, Cairns, and Equipment relating to steering, commercial cargo. 

Working Condition:

Professionals in this field have to remain out sides from their home to perform their duties and ship is their home as well as work place.  A sea voyage can be of six month duration and some time more than six year.  Normally the lodging and boarding facilities are excellent.  Some shipping companies allow keeping wife and children with oneself.  But this facility is offered only to the officers.  

How to Join Merchant Navy Pakistan:

Merchant Navy Courses in Pakistan. Officially there are only two Organization which impart training in this field namely

  1. Pakistan Marine Academy
  2. Karachi Port Trust

Merchant Navy courses Offered:

B.Sc (Maritime Studies)

The academy announces admission through national newspapers every year in the month of August fro the course which is started in January.  Following conditions are mandatory to be fulfilled for a career in merchant Navy Pakistan for the jobs of Deck cadet or Nautical Cadet and Engineer Cadet Courses:

  • HSC - Higher Secondary School (Pre–Engineering) with  second division

Students belongs to  Science or General Group (Physics and Computer Science) are only eligible to  Nautical Branch.


Up to 20 years on December 31. 3
The age condition is Relaxable by one year for FATA, FANA and Azad Kashmir applicants)          

Medical examination will be held in one of the Military Hospitals prescribed by the PMA. The applicants shall also be required to qualify the visual and colour perception test.

Training Stages:

Having completed two years training in Pakistan Marine Academy, a cadet from any branch has to complete further training on ship.

1.         Nautical Branch

Nautical Certificate holder is offered training opportunity as Deck Cadet.  He has to complete 33 month of training.  In the last six month of the training, it is imperative for a cadet to perform watch keeping under a certified officer.  Having completed this training, a cadet become eligible to participate in the Certificate of Competency class IV examination and can get promoted to 3rd Officer after getting through this examination.  For participating in 3rd level examination, further six month watch keeping experience on the deck is necessary.  Passing this exam a cadet is promoted to Second Officer.  2nd level examination is for Chief Officer Slot and only those cadets who have successfully completed eighteen moths of watch keeping experience as 2nd officer can participate in this examination.  The captain post in a ship is the highest one.  A cadet must have successfully completed 42 months of watch keeping experience for becoming eligible for level one examination. Cadet who gets through this examination becomes the captain of the ship.  

2.         Engineering Branch

Those cadets who successfully have completed two years of engineering education in Pakistan Marine Academy have to complete a further practical training of three years in a navel engineering workshop as a marine engineer apprentice. Having successfully compete this training period he becomes eligible for the 2nd level part I examination which is called Certificate of Competency class II part I examination.  He is posted as fifth engineer or junior engineer after this examination.  A cadet can appear in the examination for 4th and 3rd level after a prescribed period of experience and eligibility respectively.  Further watch keeping experience of 18 to 21 month enables a cadet to participate in the 2nd level part II examination for the post of second engineer. For becoming a chief engineer of the ship a cadet must complete a further period of 18 to 21 month of watch keeping experience in the engine room.  After that he becomes eligible to participate in the 1st level examination. Chief engineer is the highest post in the engineering branch of a ship.

Salaries and remunerations in Merchant  Navy in Pakistan:

Salaries of the Dec (Nautical) and engineering branch officers are normally fixed according to the size and cargo handling facility of the ship.  Pakistan National shipping Corporation is the largest Organistation of shipping in Pakistan.   Salaries are normally very attractive and different allowances including dirty cargo allowance, tanker allowance and container ship allowance etc., and remunerations are offered to the officers.
Latest Advertisement of PMA 51th Batch (January 2013-Dec 2014) INDUCTION AS NAUTICAL and  ENGINEERING CADET in Pakistan Merchant Navy.

51st Batch of Deck and Engineering Cadets Courses

Further information:

Pakistan Marine Academy,
Mauri Pur Road, Karachi
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