6 August 2012

LL.B Degree in Pakistan

A person going for an LL.B. degree should have a bachelor  degree. Most law students choose to obtain a two year bachelor degree before enrolling for an LL.B. degree in a law college. The LL.B. itself is a three year programme. In Punjab, a five year joint B.A. / LL.B. degree is being offered by law colleges in Pakistan.

After obtaining an LL.B. degree, a person wishing to practice, has to intimate the concerned Bar Council that he is undergoing a six month training period under the supervision of a High Court lawyer with ten year standing. After he completes the pupillage, he will be asked to take a written test and undergo a viva-voce exam.

The Bachelor of Laws (abbreviated LL.B., LLB or rarely Ll.B.) is an undergraduate, or bachelor, degree in law offered in most common law countries as the primary law degree and which originated in England. It was established as a liberal arts degree, which requires that the student undertake a certain amount of study of the classics. Nonetheless, the goals of most LL.B. programs are to provide a scholarly education, and therefore jurisdictions which offer the LL.B. require additional education or training before a graduate is authorized to practice law. In English-speaking Canada it is sometimes referred to as a post-graduate degree because in those countries a previous university degree is usually required for admission. The "LL." of the abbreviation for the degree is from the genitive plural legum , thus "LL.B." stands for Legum Baccalaureus in Latin. In the United States it was sometimes erroneously called "Bachelor of Legal Letters" to account for the double "L" (and therefore sometimes abbreviated as "L.L.B.").
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How to get admission in law colleges in  Pakistan
Graduation (B.A /B.Sc/B.Com) or equivalent with 45 % aggregate marks from any recognized University or college can get admission in law colleges in Pakistan.

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