4 August 2012

Jobs and Courses in Computer Science

Computer is the most wonderful invention of the seventeenth century.  In Pakistan, the education of computer science was first started in the year 1970.  Today, different level of education in computer science are imparted including certificate courses of various duration, one or two year diploma courses, B.Sc (computer science), M.Sc (computer science) and B.E (bachelor of engineering).

Computer jobs in Pakistan are available in a broad array of industry sectors, including the armed forces, law enforcement, education, telecommunication, print and electronics media, space  research, manufacture, meteorology, medical and pharmaceutical  research,. Computer science job opportunities in army offer many areas of specialty, because computers are at the heart of almost everything the armed forces do. An advantage of a military computer science careers is that the skills learned in the military transfer easily to the civilian sector. Career opportunities in this field are available in both the sectors i.e. government and private. Computer science jobs in Pakistan attracts lot of our youths.  Computer jobs in Islamabad Karachi and Lahore can be seen regularly in national newspapers.  Especially the Sunday newspapers are packed with computer jobs Pakistan. Expert and research organization in Pakistan pointed out that at least 60 percent of jobs currently require computer related knowledge and skill.  In reality this figure is possibly nearer to 80 percent because of the Internet and reliance on online computer jobs in Pakistan. This skill is now becoming the foundation upon which almost all media relying. Even books are now being published in digital form as eBooks. Because talented computer professionals are in high demand, computer careers have a high earning potential. Even a recent college graduate can get a computer operator jobs in Karachi. Students  having Master in computer science or BSc in computer science or diploma in computer science can get good  jobs.

Admission in Computer Science Courses in Pakistan

When it comes to getting admission in computer science, the enrolment is on the rise in the last five or six years.  There are a huge number of job opportunities available for computer related professions in Pakistan and abroad, and which is the reason that students are keen to get admission in this discipline.  Merit has also been high in the last few years.  

Computer science job opportunities

Professions related to computer in Pakistan were started in the  70s.  Initially this field was not so famous but with the passage of time, today computer has become an integral part of every business, industry, trade, communication, governmental and non governmental organization.  It is presumed that by the year 2010, more than one million computer professionals will be required in different fields.  The way the usage of computer is increasing in every walk of life one can easily guess that in the future there will be a great demand for computer experts and lucrative career options will be available in various organizations. In fact, one will find computer professionals using their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of occupational opportunities such as programmer, system analyst, graphic designer, network administrator, etc.

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