5 August 2012

Hotel Jobs in Pakistan

If you would like to work in an active and people-centered role, the career in travel and Tourism is suitable for you.  courses in this field will equip you with the skills valued by employers in this field.  Hotel jobs in Pakistan are normally available in private sector.  Hospitality and entertaining guests is an old custom and tradition of every society of the world.  Today Hotel management becomes a very attractive profession.  Hoteling basically is a service sector profession.  The main responsibility of the Professionals in this field are to care, provide comport and facilitate guests. When hospitality and entertainment guests are done on commercial basis that become art and profession like customs.
 These professions are among world oldest ones.  Those who are looking for a career in this field are to work in places like Hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, snakes bar, guest houses, rest houses, motels and hostels.  One can starts a career as manager, house keeper, Schiff cook, kitchen assistant, waiter, receptionist, room attendant, hotel porter.

Good managerial skills, eloquence, facile, courteous, civilized, and well-mannered gorgeous are the qualities required for this profession.  Besides these, having administrative and managerial qualities in this field further prove very successful in Hoteling, Tourism and Traveling  industry.

Working environment:

People in this profession have to work in different environment.  A Manager in a hotel, restaurant, mess, club, guest house or hospital is responsible to look after the administration.  His job is to monitor the preparation of food and snacks, arrangement of residential facilities and looking after it.  He is also to take care of employees’ problems and their work.  Monitor the working of persons in charge of deferent sections under him. A house keeper is also known as domestic services manager or bursar.  His responsibilities are to look after the residential affaires of hotels, clubs and hostels of educational institutions.  Cleanliness and maintain hygiene of residential rooms, buildings are the key responsibilities in this trade. A Schiff is to supervise activities in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants.  There are more than one Schiff in big hotels and their boss is called head Schiff.  A kitchen assistant assists Schiff.  A waiter serves food from kitchen to dining table.  All the arrangement of a dining hall of the restaurant or hotel is the responsibility of a waiter.  A counter service assistant works where there is a self-service and guest has to take there food themselves from the counter.  A hotel receptionist works on the information desk of a hotel.

Remuneration, earning, salaries:

There is no basic pay scale in this field.  Normally salaries and remuneration are decided through mutual negotiation as most of the openings in this sector are created in the private sector.

Tourism Courses, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Courses

PAKISTAN Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management offers training in 17 different fields including 12 in hotel management and 5 in tourism.  Syllabus for these courses comprises one week to one year. Courses for hotel management are as follows:

Elementary Hotel Management:

This is a one year comprehensive diploma course in which every aspect of hotel management is taught and trained.  Students are given opportunities to visit famous hotels to gain practical experience and exposure. Entry level for this course is intermediate or A-level.

House Keeping Supervisory Course:

This diploma course is of one year duration and the entry level is intermediate or A-level.  Students are get familiarized with the basic principles and procedure of house-keeping in hotels, rest houses, hospitals and hostels.  Practical training is provided in the house keeping departments of different hotels of Pakistan. The course syllabus includes fundamental administrative theory, personal and environmental hygiene, relation with guests, precautionary measures etc.  

Basic House keeping course:

This is a six month practical course. Practical training includes taking care of hygiene of rooms, beds, toilets, and other related areas, preparation and folding of beds.  Candidates are given opportunities to get training in the big hotels of the country. 

Food and Beverage Operation course:

  • Advance Food Production course
  • Food and Beverages Production and service training
  • Basic Food Production training
  • Food and beverages Service training
  • Fast food technique and sales course
  • Rest house/resort attendant training
  • Rest house/resort supervisor training
  • Hotel front office course

PIHMT also offers following courses in the field of travel and tourism:

  • Travel Agency Management Course
  • Counter Supervisory Course
  • Counter Course for Air Lines/Travel agency
  • Travel agency sales and marketing
  • Tourist Handling Techniques  

The aim of all the above courses is to build academic knowledge alongside the skills that help develop a career in the Tourism and Hoteling Industry, as there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in this industry.  You will learn through listening, taking notes, observing, undertaking extensive research and by carrying out practical activities.

Future prospects:

Hotel industry is a progressive sector and it is continuously progressing in every part of the world.  In Pakistan too, the sector is making headway.  More and more skilled personals are in great demand these days and the need is further increasing.  According to Pakistan Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, there are more then fourteen hundred hotels in Pakistan including one star and five star hotels.  In these 15 hundred hotels there are facilities for More than 50 thousand beds. On the lover level, restaurants, snakes bar, and catering services are fast growing fields in which there are employments as well as personal business opportunities.  

Job opportunities in Tourism:

There are lots of career opportunities in tourism.  Hotel industry in Middle East countries are growing very rapidly and great job opportunities in tourism and hoteling are creating for skilled youth.  Besides this, local industry is also providing great employment opportunities. Personal business is another opportunity for those who have financial resources. One can find exciting career opportunities in the following fields:

  • Resort Management
  • Tour Operator Management
  • Tourism Information
  • Tourism Management
  • Conference and Event Management
  • Customer Services Management
  • Heritage Centre and exhibition Management

For further information please contact:

Director, Pakistan Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism
55, Old Clifton, Karachi
Ph: 5830830; 5830012

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