5 August 2012

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Not only in Pakistan but throughout the world, the job scope for electrical engineers is high and Pakistani electrical engineers are working in Europe, the US and the Far East. Electrical Engineeirng Jobs in Pakistan are offered by private as well as government electric supply companies such as Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, Gujranwala Electric Power Corporation, Hub Power Company, Hyderabad ‘Electric Supply Company, Islamabad electric Supply Company, Karachi Electric supply Corporation, Kot Addu Power Company, Lahore Electric Power Company, Multan Electric Power Company, Peshawar Electric Power Company, Quetta Electric Power Company, Tribal electric supply Company and Water and Power Development Authority.

Initially, electrical engineers are appointed as sub-divisional officers (SDO) and they are paid around Rs. 20000 to 25000 in private firms and in government companies, they are hired on the basic pay scale (BPS of a 17 grade officer) the bright career prospects make electrical engineering a favorable field for those who have an aptitude for this line.  But excessive field work makes it less charming for those who want to work within the comfort of an office building.

Electrical engineering is making rapid progress and at the same time jobs opportunities for diploma and degree holder engineers are increasing with the same pace. There is a great demand of electrical engineers in public sector i.e. WAPDA, KESC, LESCO, PESCO, Atomic  energy commission, PIA, Pakistan Railways, PTCL, PEACO, PIDC, Pak Suzuki, Auto Mobile Corporation, cement corporation, NesPak Hydro power station, head-works. Fresh degree holders of electrical engineering are offered job in grade 17.

The modern world has affected tremendously from the inventions in the field of electronics that have changed and continue to change our lifestyle.  Today, our lives are directly affected by electricity without which we cannot perform most of our day-to-day tasks.  

The advancement in the field of electrical engineering has definitely created wonderful opportunities for professionals linked to this field.  Geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison made lives easier when they gifted mankind fantastic inventions.  Similarly today’s electrical engineers are also striving to give this world more advanced tools to make the life easier than ever before.  Contrary to the general belief, the field of electrical engineering is all about dealing with high voltages and large systems like routing power from generators out to homes and businesses.  Sometimes handling huge equipment that requires further movement and installation is also included in this field.  

The basic job of an electrical engineer is to design systems that provide electrical power, such as the power distribution scheme in any infrastructure.  In contrast, electronic engineering is about working with very small components and subsystems that fit inside cell phones, CD players and computers. Electronics is a subfield of electrical engineering.  In Pakistan, all the major engineering universities namely, NED University of engineering and Technology, National University of Science and Technology (NUST), University of Engineering Science and Technology, Sialkot, offer degree program in electrical engineering. Since today’s world would be impossible to run without electricity, career and Jobs opportunities  for electrical engineers in  Pakistan are very bright in Pakistan and abroad.

Nature of work

Electrical engineering is the knowledge of generation, transmission, distribution, utilization and control of electricity.  Electric power is normally changed into mechanical power, heat, sound, light or chemical power by some motor, electric magnet, Furness, loudspeaker, lamp or electrolytic. Electrical engineering has performed an important rule in the advancement of science and technology today due to the characteristic of being changing of electric power into mechanical power.

Electrical engineering begins with the activity of generating electric power through generators.  Electricity is generated by the generators which work through oil, gas or atomic energy, or construct dam on rivers.  Then this electricity is supplied to cities, towns and villages for domestic and industrial consumption.  Different equipments and instruments are fixed for such purpose of distribution and transmission.  Generation of electric power in the electric station, transmission to cities, distribution of electricity among domestic and industrial consumers, fitting of electrical equipment, are all such activities which are performed under the supervision of electrical engineers.

Personal characteristic:

The youths having practical approach and creative abilities can be more successful in the field of engineering. They are necessary to be logical minded and have the ability to pre plain their task.  An engineer also has to work as an administrator therefore he should have the ability to make use of others. Doing a work in a disciplined manner and arrange the record carefully are some additional persona of an engineer.

Nature and environment of work:

Electrical engineers have to perform duties of monitoring in the process of electric generation in electric power houses and their control rooms. Electricity is generated through turbines and generators in the Hydro electric power houses and in thermal power stations it is generated through boilers and generators while diesel engines are also used to run generators.  Electric power is supplied to the grid station which is the main component of the power distribution system.  From grid station, power is distributed to houses and factories through sub stations.   In Pakistan today, the control of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity is still in the hand of public sector.  Karachi electric supply corporation, in Karachi and WAPDA in the other parts of the country are responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.  From this aspect, these are the two organizations where a great number of electrical engineers are working. As the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity are a continuous and full time job therefore engineers have to work in shifts.  Sometime they may work and be appointed outside their home.  Besides cities, duties may be assigned for far fledge areas. With the passage of time, the opportunities of employment for electrical engineers are increasing rapidly. According to a survey of Institute of electrical engineers, a great part of the electrical engineers are serving in the branches of research, development and design.

Electrical Engineerng Courses in Pakistan

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) 4 years degree program

DAE ( Diploma of Associate Engineers) 3  years diploma program
Students who want to pursue a degree in electrical engineering after intermediate are required to complete their intermediate in pre-engineering discipline and then sit for an aptitude test.  Successful students are then placed according to marks achieved, and the percentage of the student who gets the last seat becomes the closing percentage of the respective year.  Once they complete their studies of electrical engineering have huge vistas opened to them.

Allied fields of  Electrical Engineering in Pakistan

Besides bachelor of engineering (B.E) students can start their career by getting diploma of associate engineering and bachelor of technician (B.Tech) degree from polytechnics.  These degree and diploma holders perform their duties as supervisor, foreman, or Assistant Engineer.  Admission for three years of DAE program, are offered to those candidate who have secured at least 2nd division in their matriculation examination.  Matriculation from technical board is given priority in admissions.  

Accreditation and Registration of Electrical Engineers in Pakistan

Certified engineers are required to get themselves registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.  According to the statistics published by Institution of electrical engineering, today in Pakistan, there are 12 thousands registered electrical engineers. 


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