5 August 2012

Civil Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Construction is the oldest of the man’s early professions.  After bread and fabric, man’s utmost need is abode. Construction field has made a rapid development in Pakistan.  Hundreds of schemes related to houses, towns, flats, shopping centers, commercial building and one unit bungalow have been completed and most of them are still in progress. In this perspective the need of civil engineers are growing day by day. Civil Engineering Jobs in Pakistan are published regularly in great numbers in Pakistan’s’ national dailies.

Civil Engineers (Intelligent, talented and expert of ones field) would be in great demand in construction industry in Pakistan as well as in Middle Eastern countries. Pakistani Professionals are performing their duties all over the world especially in Arab countries. The tallest building ‘the Ceres tower’ of the world in U.S.A is the heroic dead of a Pakistani professional.

Nature of Work

Civil engineering is a wide-ranging profession, in which deferent nature of work are handled like construction of roads, bridges, ports, and tunnels, basic civic services i.e. water, gas and drainage are to be dealt with.  Civil engineers mostly work on the site to monitor technical and administrative duties though civil engineers also set in their offices but to inspect the working and test the standard of the material he has to e present on the site of working.

To fulfill the demand of engineers and technicians, universities in Pakistan offer  B.E in Civil Engineering degree, diploma of Associate Engineer in Civil  Engineering, and certificate courses in civil engineering.  Those who want to choose civil engineering as a career must be motivated and should be ready to work in though conditions.  Civil engineers woks in government, municipal or private organizations.  Salaries and other remunerations vary according to qualification and experience and nature of jobs.  Salaries are fixed in the government department whereas private sector salaries depend on skills and experience.  Grade 17 jobs are offered to civil engineers in Pakistan in municipal and government department.  Pakistan is a developing country and developmental and constructions activities are remain continue through out the year.  Therefore, jobs opportunities for Civil Engineers and Technicians in Pakistan are available all the time of the year.  

Allied Professions of Civil Engineering in Pakistan

Engineers need a team of skilful professionals to complete a project, these skilful personal are called technicians.  Allied professions of civil engineering are supervisor, Senior Draftsman, Surveyor, Designer and Lab Assistant.  Those technicians are imperative for constructive activities.  

Registration of Civil Engineers in Pakistan

B.E in Civil Engineering degree holders have to get themselves registered with Pakistan Engineering Council to start working in this profession.  There are also other privately run professional organizations of civil engineers where one can get membership.  Further information can be had from Pakistan Engineering Council and its regional office situated all over Pakistan.  The concerned faculties of engineering universities can also be contacted for any required information.

Civil Engineering Courses in Pakistan

To become a Civil engineer, two types of civil engineering degree programmes are offered by the engineering colleges and universities in Pakistan namely Bachelor of Engineering or B.E and Diploma of Associate Engineer or DAE in Civil Engineering.  

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