5 August 2012

Chemical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country moving rapidly towards industrial economy from agricultural economy.  The share of the Labor force of the industrial sector is more than 60 percent of the total Labour force.  From this, one can presume the tempo of progress and prosperity.  Chemical engineers have extensive chemical  engineering  jobs  opportunities  not only in public sector but also in private sector.

Having completed B.E degree in chemical engineering, grade 17 jobs are offered to the engineers in the public sector.  Autonomous bodies of the public sector offer more attractive pay scale to the engineers. As far as chemical  engineering  jobs in the private sector are concerned there available attractive and lucrative career options for new engineers.  Salaries depend on nature of work, status of organization, personal skills, honesty, sincerity, hard work and personal qualities. .

Business opportunity for Chemical Engineers in Pakistan

Chemical engineers have also the opportunities to start their own business.  They can start chemical related small scale business.  Governmental financial institutions provide loan facility.  Small Business Finance Corporation, National Development and Finance Corporation, FBC, etc., are institutions which provide industrial loan to the engineers.  

Admission Criteria

To get admission in B.E program the minimum requirement is Intermediate science (pre-engineering, pre-medical) with at least  2nd division and passing Pre admission Test.

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