6 August 2012

Chef Jobs in Pakistan

To become a Chef, there is no formal degree is offered by any college or university in Pakistan.  Chef Jobs in Pakistan are advertised in Newspapers in Pakistan by the famous hotels.   Although there are some private institutes and famous hotels which offer apprenticeship to the people who want to become a chef.  Some institute also offer short certificate courses while the government run organization i.e. Tourism department through its training institute offer various short and long term courses related to tourism and hotel industry.

Chefs, senior cooks, kitchen and serving managers supervise the daily food service operation of a restaurant or other food service eatery. Chefs and head cooks are usually responsible for managing cooks in the kitchen. They are also the most proficient cooks in the cooking area and utilize their creativity and knowledge of food to develop and prepare food recipes.

Some large hotels and restaurants like Avari Towers Hotel, Marriott Hotel Pakistan, Pearl Continental Hotel Pakistan, and Sheraton Hotel Pakistan also operate their own unique training and job-placement opportunities for chefs and head cooks.

While most cooks, head cooks, and food preparation and serving supervisors have matriculation or intermediate degrees, many experienced individuals with less education can still be promoted. Formal training may take place at a technical school. A growing number of cooks participate in training programs sponsored by Independent food preparation institutions and professional culinary academies.

Human resources in this profession have prior experience in the food service or hospitality industries. Initially people who are now working as chef, have started working as cooking workman or line cooks in a 24 hours restaurant and gradually progressing towards the senior position of a chef or food service manager. Many individuals take vocational training course and participate in internships or apprenticeship programs to acquire the additional skills which are needed to create menus and manage a business.

Food preparation and serving managers manage the kitchen and non-kitchen staff in a restaurant or meals offering service. They may also manage cooking personnel in fast food, restaurant, or normal eating restaurants, where the recipe is rather customary or in a lot more formal restaurants, where a cooking master presents special guidelines and thorough measures on how to arrange every item.

Job prospects

Job openings for chefs, head cooks, and food preparation and serving supervisors should be good through 2018; however, competition should really be strong for jobs at the more expensive restaurants that have a tendency to pay more. Workers possessing excellent industry awareness will have better job prospects, specifically at restaurant chains where attention to expenses is very important.

Associated Occupations



Food preparation workers

Food service managers

More information about Career and jobs of chefs, cooks, and other kitchen workers from advertisements published in newspapers from time to time.

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