4 August 2012

Biotechnology Jobs in Pakistan

The combination of computer science and biology, termed as bioinformatics has created various opportunities for the people in biotechnology.  Now many of our degree holders are working either in private companies or are employed by research organisations.  Some of the many sectors where there is a wide scope for biotechnologists are health care, environment, agriculture and food technology.  Biotechnology  jobs in Pakistan can be seen regularly  in Pakistan  national dailies. For those who want to pursue a career in  biotechnology must be aware of the difference between biotechnology and bio-medical engineering.

One can start a career in this field through availing a internships in biotechnology which is offer by some organization in Pakistan. The field is so broad that it has a variety of job opportunities in biotechnology from sales and marketing to research and development, to manufacturing and quality management of drugs and medical devices.  There is great scope in biotechnology.  Those who start a career in this field will find it very interesting jobs. Many government related organisationa and private companies offer biotechnology jobs in Pakistan.  The field of biotechnology combines technology with biological sciences such a agriculture, food sciences, waste management, medicine and in mining industry, although, biotechnology has been around since ancient times, the first advancement was in the field of food sciences, which took place around 5000 BC.  A large number of diverse strains of plants and animals were hybridized to produce greater variety in the species.  

Biotechnology has been applied to create new biodegradable material, transfer of particular gene from one organism to another, preservation and growth of genetically uniform plant-animal cell cultures and also to fuse dissimilar kinds of cells to produce new medical products like monoclonal antibodies.

Keeping in view the importance of biotechnology in Pakistan, a separate entity called the National Commission on Biotechnology has been established, which has initiated several projects for various fields of biotechnology, mainly in the health and agriculture sectors.  

Universities offered degree programme in Biotechnology
Some of the many educational institutes in Pakistan offering biotechnology admission in degree courses are:

  • Department of biotechnology, University of Karachi
  • National institute for biotechnology and genetic engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad
  • Department of Biochemistry, University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi
  • School of Biological Sciences, Punjab University
  • Department of Biotechnology, University of Peshawar
  • Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic engineering NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar

The complete list of biotechnology institutes in Pakistan alongwith their contact information can be obtained form

The recent boom in the IT sector has paved way for biotechnology as well and now there is a huge scope for biotechnologists in Pakistan.

Eligibility for admission in degree program

Students who want to get a seat in the biotechnology degree programme after their intermediate must have completed their HSC in pre-medical, pre-engineering or computer science.  

There are separate institutes for biomedical engineering.  Among them the following are famous where the admissions are offered through biotechnology entrance test

  • NED University of engineering and technology
  • Sir Syed University of engineering and technology

There is a huge scope for our biotechnologists in private companies and they are paid reasonable salaries.

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  1. if possible.. could you kindly list the private companies who hire people graduated in biotech engineering?

    it would be of great help

  2. please tell me that in agricultural subject which subject are biological sciences subjects?
    and can i take admission in m.phil biotechnology and m.phil microbiology after the completion of b.sc (hons.) Horticulture.

  3. please tell me that can i take admission in m.phil biotechnology and m.phil microbiology after the completion of b.sc (hons.) Horticulture.

    1. yes u can....but it depends on witch university offering the dagree....because some university offer the deficency course....and some not....{Centre for Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of Punjab, Lahore}

    2. may be u can...it depends on witch university is offering the dagree... because some offer the deficency the course and some not...like it dose n't offer... [Centre for Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of Punjab, Lahore]

  4. International islamic university islamabad also offers bs & ms in biotechnology....it is also one of the top leading institue of pakistan

  5. aoa
    dear i have completed my nsc in biotechnology so i am searching a job in biotechnology feild so kindly guide me

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  7. Anyone who has done biotechnology and is now successfully earning?

  8. Is there anyone who is now earning successfully after doing biotechnology?
    I want to opt for it, so would it be wise?

  9. aoa.....anybody knows about scope and importance of biotechnology in pakistan army? if anybody knows then plz tell........

  10. aoa.....anybody knows about scope and importance of biotechnology in pakistan army? if anybody knows then plz tell........

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