4 August 2012

Bachelor of Technology (Honors) in Pakistan

Bachelor of Technology (Honors) degree in Pakistan is known as a four year undergraduate degree course, which includes supervised industrial training. The requirement for admission in this course is a three years Diploma of Associate Engineer or DAE Degree in the discipline of  Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Civil Technology etc or 2 years F.Sc Pre-Engineering. The government of Pakistan started this degree program in 1973 as well as declared it equivalent to B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and BSc Hons (Bachelor of Science Hons).

 The case is not that simple. Pakistan Engineering Council has been contradicting the status of B.Tech engineers. The council has refused to declare B.Tech degree equivalent to B.E degree. This is the reason that the B.Tech degree holders have no further way to get advanced engineering education except M.Tech as they can not get admission in Master of Engineering degree programmes.

As many as 19 government and private universities in Pakistan offer B.Tech course.  These Universities are officially recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.  B.Tech Degree is known as equivalent with B.Sc.Engineering. 

10,000 fresh B.Tech degree holders are graduated from the colleges and universities in Pakistan every year.  But the fact is that these graduates are badly deprived of their right of jobs in government departments.  Those who managed to get government jobs fail to get promotion owing to the undefined status of B.Tech degrees. 

Keeping in the view of above submission, well over fifty thousands B.Tech engineers have demanded to establish PTC i.e. Pakistan Technology Council for the identification of B.Tech engineers. 

The B.Tech degree holders learn the identical programs like engineers and therefore are likewise well-versed but nonetheless they are required to struggle and apply claims in person to acknowledge their degree status.

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to enroll technologists while different government departments are disallowing acknowledging their degrees, not giving them jobs. Those, who have already obtained government employment, don't get promotions up to Grade 16. Although The Supreme Court in its Suo Motu action have thrashing out the position of PEC.

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