5 August 2012

ABL Jobs in Pakistan

Career opportunities are being offered by ABL (Allied Bank of Pakistan) one of the leading commercial banks in Pakistan. ABL has been the number one bank in Pakistan introducing new technology in banking sector.  And for running its modern banking system ABL has been recruiting employees time by time for its various departments. One of the features of these jobs offered by ABL is that it encourages all its employees to grow equally providing them equal growth opportunities.

Individual skills, qualification, capabilities, attitude and aptitude are the key factors while promoting, giving increments or bonuses.  It is therefore clear that ABL provide countless career and jobs opportunities for all those employees who demonstrate propensity and the will to excel.  The bank also provides opportunities of training both local and abroad.

1. Business Development Officers (BDOs)

Minimum Qualification
Qualification: MBA or M.Com degree from HEC recognized university in Pakistan or abroad

CGPA Score:  3.00 or at least 75%

Age: Not more than 27 years, as on March 31, 2012.

2. Tellers   

Minimum Qualification
Bachelors degree from a university or college in Pakistan recognized by HEC

Age: Not more than 26 years, as on March 31, 2012.

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