22 July 2014

Overseas Jobs - A Good Option For a Bright Future

These days everybody is searching for overseas jobs not just to improve their life-style but to support their families’ financial burden. Bearing in mind economic conditions of today, individuals are finding it ever harder to find a good job within their own community. Do you think you're among those folks? Perhaps you must think about going through the numerous overseas jobs available internationally.

Initially you must know, working in your own country alone may be a difficult task so when you want to work abroad then there's one quality which you must have, dedication. As soon as you have the dedication then you definitely requires a plan on how to locate job abroad and getting that job abroad. So how would you get it done?

Here I will discuss five strategies which you can use to begin your quest.

1) Simply Do it

Wrap up your bags and Move. This particular approach is straightforward but certainly not for the weak of heart. Select a country, go there and hope all goes perfectly. Having said that you have to do some preparation beforehand. Do your homework for your picked countries employment market, acquire some contacts which you can use or call when you turn up. Make sure to have some pocket money on the side to last you till you get a job there.

As we discussed, there are challenges associated. You could, or may not get a job. If anything else, you've had an ambitious experience.

2) Get Posted Offshore

Locate an organization that is famous for sending their staff abroad and work for them. Not surprisingly it’s no promise that you'll be selected once the next posting appears therefore allowing your employer recognize your interest may help. I know of a few buddies who worked for five star hotels and really got transferred abroad.

4) Get back School

There are many prospects abroad, from teaching programs, foreign language courses to regular programs in archeology. Once you're there, try to find as many local contacts that you need to get a paid job. These kinds of information you can utilize later on in the future. With that in mind, you must also be completely conscious of the guidelines and rules for work permits.

Keep in mind, you're now there under a student visa, therefore going for a full time job may get you into problems. And that's the very last thing you will need.

5) Self-employed

All of us have our own abilities that could be benefited from. What you can do here, you may most likely do overseas. You could freelance as advisors, technological copy writers, correspondents, graphic designers, acting; teach English or any language that you understand. You will end up amazed at how fast your earnings generates by just freelancing.

Hope that assists and get you began on how to get job abroad.

20 January 2014

Creating an Environment Where People Want To Work, Rather Than Have to Work

When asked what kind of manager they want to work for, employee answers usually indicate a preference for supervisors who are empathetic, supportive and encourage subordinates to enhance their skill sets and take advantage of growth opportunities. In other words, employees are more loyal to a manager who genuinely ‘cares’ about them.

This makes the Care and Growth Leadership Model, developed by Etsko Schuitema, all the more relevant today. It is based on the philosophy of “creating an environment where people want to work, rather than have to work.” And although the Model was developed 30 years ago, it is used in 17 countries, including Pakistan for the simple reason that Schuitema’s research indicates that managers who adopt a ‘Care and Growth’ leadership style are more likely to maximize employee potential and consistently meet high performance standards even in a recession-ridden economy.

The Care and Growth Leadership Model is based on four parameters:

1. Providing the means to lead. Leaders who care about their employees foster professional growth among them by avoiding micromanaging and giving employees control over their work. The leadership style focuses on achieving outcomes to empower employees by allowing them to make decisions independently.

19 January 2014

Ministry of Defence job opportunities - ISI Careers 2014

Ministry of Defence Government of Pakistan has advertised number of openings in the organization.  Last date for submission of application form is 12th February 2014. Test will be held on Sunday, 2nd March 2014.  These vacancies are:

24 December 2013

Career Opportunities in Allied Bank of Pakistan

The Allied Bank dedicated to developing its resource stream by finding the finest skill in the industry and offering them with projected career development chances.  On the list of Bank’s goals is to become an ‘employer of choice’ not just due to offering industry competitive packages, as well as by providing the most effective on-the-job training experiences, offering cross-functional rotation to allow the worker growing and entrusting fresh workforce with crucial duties to organize them for upcoming management roles.

13 October 2013

PTCL Internships for 2013

The Pakistan's premier telecoms organization is offering   a significant training and professional development opportunity. Right after successful graduation of Five hundred interns in different field in first batch. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) offers one-year internship to dynamic, hardworking and competent youth for the second batch.

28 June 2013

Land Surveyor Jobs in Pakistan

Jobs and career opportunities for surveyors is predicted to grow 25 % from the year 2010 to 2020, compared to average for all professions. Owing to interest of Development activities of various governments in Pakistan, it is expected that land surveyor jobs in Pakistan will be increased. Ample career opportunities are also available in Middle Eastern countries i.e. Saudi Arabia and UAE.  Surveyor Jobs in Saudi are in abundance and Pakistani skilled surveyors are accepted to be employed. 

22 June 2013

Latest Pepsi Pakistan Careers opportunities

Pakistan Beverage Limited is the key refreshment manufacturing and selling organization in Pakistan with diversified selection of top quality beverages and innovative first-class customer care.  Numerous Pepsi Pakistan Careers opportunities are offered at PBL.  Details are as under: